Plans for a new supermarket in Birmingham have been approved at today’s council planning meeting.

The giant food shop, is set to be built in Longbridge’s Austin Avenue, next to Smyths toy shop. The application is in the name of St Modwen, the Longbridge development company and the supermarket is yet to be named.

Committee vice chairman councillor, Karen McCarthy, expressed her concerns that ‘the promised leisure are not going to be provided on this development’. She pointed out that the retail market is not in good health, and that the site had previously been earmarked for a new cinema, gym and set of restaurants. Those plans then fell through, disappointing surrounding communities.

The council vote resulted in seven for, one against, and the three abstentions. After a very brief discussion the supermarket is approved.

Some members of the community are not happy with introducing more retail to Rover Site. They say they much preferred the previous plans to develop a cinema, gym and restaurants.

Other council agendas include: a hospital on the former Pebble Mill site in Edgbaston and the conversion of a former care home into temporary apartments for the homeless.

The conversion of Magnolia House care home in Highgate will create 55 places for families who have been evicted or forced out through flood or fire, to live. Counsellor Moore welcomes this but is concerned about the small size of apartments. He describes them as ‘rabbit hutches’. He is assured that this is only emergency and temporary accommodation, as opposed to permanent. And that the city is in desperate need to meet the rising demand of emergency housing.

A 14 storey tower to replace an existing office block on Lionel Street with 259 apartments, a controversial pay day loan shop and the extension of a Hindu temple were also on the agenda.

A total of 15 planning applications were decided.



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