The inaugural World Music Conference (WMC), organised by the British Carnatic Choir, is the flagship world music event being held in the Midlands for the first time. It aims to bring together artists, singers, musicians, of all ages, faith, race and cultural backgrounds, in an attempt to share good values, practices, knowledge, commonalities and to promote peace, harmony and togetherness. We have more similarities than differences, but our race and pace in life has created wider gaps. This world-class event aims to bridge these gaps. Our thanks to the University of Wolverhampton which has kindly agreed to host this three-day conference, which will bring together people from all walks of life, that includes dignitaries, those from academia, students and music enthusiasts from all over the world. The theme of this first conference is ‘Exploring the intersection of STEM and World Music.

A learning and participatory approach

The focus will be towards inspiring and encouraging the next generation of musicians in world music and deliver key musical insights from around the world to the local community.

We have space for around 150 students and research graduates from schools & universities across the country to attend the conference. They will be offered a great opportunity to present academic papers, network with their peers, and learn from workshops conducted by top international artists and musicologists. The event is supported by several organisations and institutions from across the Midlands and will serve the cultural and creative sector to make a substantial contribution to the quality of life and its economy across the Midlands and also the UK.

 The conference will particularly aim at children and young people in a bid to inspire and encourage them to consider a career in music, regardless of all differences.  Also, university, college students and research graduates will add greater value to create a great learning experience. WMC strives to develop an emerging stage to engage and develop musical skills, creativity and personal development, transfer of learning, improve their cognitive competence, a deep appreciation and engagement with music. It will also serve as an integral part in support this important economic and cultural activity in the Midlands and elsewhere.

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British Carnatic Choir and background

 British Carnatic Choir, or BCC, is the exclusive National Carnatic Choir ensemble of voices and orchestration of all people, particularly children and young adults passionate about music from all over the UK.

The BCC is dedicated to the finest Carnatic Choral repertoire, focused with great perfection. We come from different backgrounds and share our passion for singing and performing together. The BCC has organized an annual symposium, with smaller related events, on music since the inception of BCC in June 2015 and continues to attract music professionals, academia and several dignitaries from across the Midlands and the UK. The work of the BCC and its sister organisation, Shruthi UK, has received goodwill messages from British Prime Ministers David Cameron and Theresa May, but also from Her Majesty The Queen and the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

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