Man Jailed After ‘120 mph’ Road Race Whilst On Break Leaves Couple With Serious Injuries


A West Bromwich man who raced another car at speeds of up to 120 mph whilst on a break from his job at Cadburys and subsequently crashed, seriously injuring a husband and wife, has been jailed for three years.

Manjivan Purewal was on a break from his job at the chocolate manufacturer on 24th October 2015 when he took his Honda Civic out for a race.

The court heard that the 26-year-old was seen racing a BMW, driven by a relative, through Cotteridge and Selly Oak.

He travelled at speeds of up to 120 mph, motorists told police.

Purewal’s relative’s car overtook a vehicle driven by John and Ann O’Sullivan at around midnight. The couple said that the car was moving so quick that their car shook.

Shortly after, on Linden Road, a 30mph Bournville road near the Cadbury’s factory, Purewal’s car collided with the O’Sullivan’s.

Mr O’Sullivan spent eight days in Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital after breaking his collar bone and pelvis, and seriously injuring his spleen.

His wife Mrs O’Sullivan received months of specialist treatment at the Oswestry Midlands Centre for Spinal Injuries as a result of injuries she suffered in the crash.

Purewal and a passenger in his vehicle were both also seriously injured in the incident.

Christopher Lester of the prosection said, “The collision has had a terrible impact on Mr and Mrs O’Sullivan and their whole family. They were separated from each other for weeks as they were taken to different hospitals for treatment.

“Their two children had the anxiety of being told their mother and father had been involved in a serious accident. Both still feel the consequences of their injuries.”

On Friday, after pleading guilty to two charges of causing injury by dangerous driving, Purewal was jailed for three years.

He was also banned from driving for five years and must retake his test after.

“Driving on our roads is a privilege not a right. We have to abide by the rules and respect the safety of others,” said Judge Phillip Parker, who sentenced Purewal.

“You chose to leave Cadbury while on your break and take to the road where you raced your car in a 30mph road at grossly excessive speed estimated to be in excess of 100 miles per hour.”

Sunit Sandhu of the defence said, “Mr Purewal has written an open letter to the court. In it he apologises for the physical pain and mental trauma his actions on that night caused. If he could turn back time he would.

“He is of good character, a hard worker at Cadbury. He also carries out youth work at his local temple. He also suffered serious injuries and had months of treatment. His family have suffered for what he has done. They know he is likely to lose his liberty.”


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