7 Types Of Jeans For This Season

  1. Raw Hems
    this type of denims has become on popular that it has nowadays become a must have for the wardrobe. Purchase a pair from Zara or DIY at home; this look looks best on skinny, cropped denims.                                                            
  2. Stickers on Jeans
    The best technique to insert colour to your clothes, this movement was initially made well-liked in the 1980s. Starting slogans to logos, stickers have an extensive range to select from. and the best part? All you do is press them on at home with an iron! 
  3. Patchwork Jeans
    Since runways to street style, this two-toned campaign was a repeated style back in 2016. Supported by YSL, we think you should take on this look as soon as possible. 
  4. Embroidered Jeans
    Embroidered jeans took the world of fashion by storm in 2016. Key celebrities comprising of Amal Clooney have been recommending this movement and we think this campaign is a great mixture of East and West.                              
  5. Acid-Washed Jeans
    A different style form the 80s, acid washed denims are perhaps amongst the most unpopular fashion campaign. They have, although, made a return in the 2016s. With a bit of luck, it won’t last for long.                                                    
  6. Holographic Patches
    In line with the holographic fad that has creeped up through the world of fashion, mom jeans with holographic patches are now a trend. We aren’t certain how we think about this style.                                                                                    
  7. Flared Jeans
    Develop your 70s groove with these flared denims which will make your legs seem endless. Victoria Beckham, Karlie Kloss and Kourtney Kardashian have all been seen dressed in these, surrounded by several others and what fashions ‘it’ girl do, the remainder of us have to follow.                                                                        


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