Mayor Sadiq Khan introduced his new four-year policing plan for London, where he has stressed the important of keeping children safe.

Khan has set out a number of child safety measures which aim to reduce knife crime, child sexual exploitation and increase child protection through the use of increased dedicated officers working with London schools and identifying “youth crime hotspots” In addition, there will be a new knife crime strategy which will see strict enforcement of the law on knife carriers and those selling them to children.

For children recovering from sexual violence, Khan and NHS England will be setting up “child houses” to provide investigative, medical and emotional support. There will also be new measures to fight violence against women.

On a visit to London secondary school, Khan said “Children and young people face risks their parents never could have imagined when they were growing up.

“This plan puts forward measures to better protect and safeguard our children, tackle knife crime and gangs, and intervene to stop young people at risk of offending from being drawn into a life of crime.”



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