Ifab, the International Football Association Board, football’s law-making body, is going to look into whether Sin-bins for yellow card offences should be implemented in football. If given the green light, the decision could go into effect as soon as next month.

The proposed measures have already been tested by Uefa development competitions and a number of amateur leagues in recent years. If approved, the sin-bin would first come into effect in youth and amateur leagues and then slowly be eased into the professional game within two to three years.

At Ifab’s annual meeting in London, the governing body will also be deciding on whether national associations should be given more freedom to decide on the number of substitutions in a game. The substituting choice would be given to the captain to enhance their responsibilties “as part of a move to improve on-field discipline and create better communication between players and match officials”.

Ifab says this these new measures could aid the development of football at lower levels, “by promoting and encouraging more people to take part.”


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