Birmingham Head Teacher Vows to Replace Wrong Uniforms

Credit: elmimmo

A head teacher has offered to replace new students incorrect uniforms after dozens of students were put in isolation for breaking uniform rules.

Dame Maureen Brennan, of Barr Beacon School, wrote a letter to parents about appropriate school wear and also spoke to parents. Apparently “skirts started to creep up, trousers started to fall down.” She added that staff had to ask students to wear black belt in an effort to keep their trousers up and prevent others from seeing their underwear.

Dame Brennan said, “We will buy shoes and trousers for those parents that cannot afford to replace the ‘wrong ones’” seeing as sometimes “parents buy items from shops in good faith and cannot always afford to replace incorrect purchases.”

Of the letter, Dame explains:

“We also reminded parents that skirts should be knee length and not belts, figure hugging, tight or short, that trousers should not be leggings, jeggings or roll-on tight trousers, that false and gel nails were not permitted, that no extreme hairstyles were permitted and that correct black, leather school shoes must be worn and trainers, canvas pumps and work boots were unacceptable.”


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