14th July to Become Day of Memory


Pays Tribute to Victims of Honour Crimes

In a joint campaign with Cosmopolitan Magazine, charity Karma Nirva has announced that the 14th July is to become a “Day of Memory” for victims of honour based violence. The day shows special significance as it lands on Shafilea Ahmed’s birthday, the 17-year-old who was murdered by her parents in 2003 after being accused of being too westernised.  

Statistics show that women in the UK are raped, abused and physically beaten by their own families, UK based charity Karma Nirvana support such victims of violence.

It has now been announced that the “Britain’s Lost Women” campaign has successfully secured the first-ever annual memorial day, which will take place on 14th July. The date holds special significance as it is the birthday of Shalfilea Ahmed who died at aged 17 in 2003 after being suffocated by her parents in front of her siblings.

The campaign received an estimated 115,000 signatures in support of the day as well as support from the three major political parties. The campaign is in response to the 5,000 women across the world being killed each year for bringing “shame” upon their families, and at least 12 from the UK.

Jasvinder Sanghera, Chief Executive of Karma Nirvana, explained she hoped this day will encourage more victims to speak out. “Girls and women can be murdered for the most basic freedoms – the right to education, independence or wanting to choose their partner. A day of memory will honour these women and dishonour the crime. It will also raise awareness so anyone can spot this abuse and potentially save someone’s life.”

Louise Court, Editor-in-Chief, Cosmopolitan added, “Convictions are shockingly rare, but every year tens or possibly even hundreds of British women are killed by their own relatives for betraying their so-called ‘honour’.

“A national day of memory is a vital step towards remembering the victims of honour killings and empowering women and girls suffering this type of abuse to speak out and seek help.”


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