‘Britney is having my child’


Brummie Adnan claims star is pregnant

BRUMMIE photographer Adnan Ghalib is back in the news and claiming popstar Britney Spears is pregnant with his child.

The Small Heath-born photographer told press the star has “a baby Brummie in her tummy”, according to reports.

Spears, who was told earlier this week by a US judge that she is still not fit to have custody of her two young sons, was pictured recently with a bulging stomach.

A US source told the Daily Star: “Adnan’s boasting that he’s going to be a dad – and that Britney wants a baby girl who is just like her.

“Britney is his dream come true. He knows that if he has a child with her, he’ll be made for life.”

Adnan’s comments come as the duo were spotted in a US chemist recently holding a pregnancy testing kit.

If true, the news will come as a blow to Spears parents who see Adnan as a bad influence on their daughter.

He was banned from seeing her when she was admitted to the UCLA Medical centre in Beverly Hills, California and placed under psychiatric evaluation.

The two were reunited when she was discharged.


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