Kiran Rai hosts IPL fashion week 2017


Nottingham award winning actor Kiran Rai has been around for more than 7 years and has none stop beating jobs from radio, television, fashion, movies, and has decided to steal his way into the presenting world.

This March saw Rai host the India Pakistan Fashion week 2017, which featured famous celebrities including Imran Khan, Rax star and numerous Bollywood and Big Brother stars. The show was held at the Gibson hall from 6-11pm, which was sponsored by MTV drinks and many other brands including Breeze.

The show had over 10 top designers from around the UK and had many celebrities popping in and out on the night, including Naughty Boy and Jhaved Sheikh. Rai, from Nottingham, said: ‘It’s fun, it’s nice to be able to meet new people. IPL was a good laugh and it’s coming back this year for season 2.’ Gurbani Kaur, the founder of the company, said ‘Who can’t have a show without Kiran Rai being there?’


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